September 2021 Net Worth Update

This net worth update is a bit late, but better late than never! Things continued to move in the right direction over the past month, with my net worth hitting $29,402.


Net Worth = Assets minus Liabilities


Assets Amount Change from Last Month
Checking/Savings $53,710  
Retirement Accounts 153,033  
Taxable Investments 8,183  
Misc. (Gold/Silver/Cash/Collectibles) 9,500  
Total Assets 224,426 +4,765


Liabilities Amount Change from Last Month
Credit Cards $2,971  
Student Loans 192,052  
Total Liabilities 195,023 -4,369


Net Worth = $29,402

Change in Net Worth from last month: +$9,133

Total Change in Net Worth Since July 2020: +$77,630


As you can see in the table above, there was an equal increase in assets and reduction in liabilities this past month. The decrease in liabilities was paying down a credit card with a promotional rate that expired. 

Working From Home

I have successfully reduced my living expenses by relocating to a lower cost area while my employer allows us to continue working from home. While they were beginning the process of planning a return to the office, the surging Covid-19 Delta variant has put all plans on hold. I don’t know when management will ultimately force a return to the office, but in the meantime I’ll continue to save money by living cheaply outside of the high cost of living of my office location. One thing I may put together is an analysis of how much faster I can reach my financial independence number for each month of continued remote work. I estimated last month that between the lower cost of living, offset by the loss of a part time job, I am saving $800 and 50 hours per month.