About The Money Sloth

Welcome to TheMoneySloth.com! The Money Sloth is here to provide information and discussion about a wide array of personal finance and money issues that affect all of us.

What’s up with the sloth!? Sloths are very intelligent creatures that make calculated and deliberate moves as they navigate treacherous surroundings – a perfect example of how you should also handle your personal finances. We advocate for a smart and steady approach to handling your money and will help you navigate the treacherous financial jungle of life.

Behind The Money Sloth is a 30-something Economist with a passion for personal finance, budgets, investing, taxes, and helping others achieve their financial goals. I’ve been fascinated with the progression of the personal finance genre from my early years reading David Bach and his Automatic Millionaire and The Latte Factor series to listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio preach about “The Debt Snowball” to watching Suze Orman grill callers on her television program during her “Can I Afford It?” segment, and finally, to the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement that is sweeping the nation by storm.

Like many Millennials, I had to borrow my way through school, despite working while taking classes. I won’t sugarcoat it and readily admit I made mistakes along the way and transferring schools cost me dearly. But, there is simply nothing that can be done to change the past and all I can do now is look to the future. I think everyone can relate to the feeling of wishing they could go back to their teenage self and pass along some sage life advice, I know I do. Including grad school, I joined the increasingly crowded six-figure student debt club.

I’ll be posting regular reports of my income, expenses, and net worth. These posts will provide the opportunity to reflect on my spending and earnings. The goal of these posts will be to reinforce smart money decisions and hopefully help others see that being in debt isn’t hopeless and there is a path to the FIRE finish line. Smart and steady wins this race!

The Money Sloth will dive into all aspects of your finances and help you navigate the path to financial independence!