September 2020 Net Worth Update

Net Worth

This past month has been incredibly busy on the work front and I’m pleased to say that I am finally getting my first vacation time off in over a year this month. While it is only a week, it will be nice to relax a bit and get caught up on things around here at The Money Sloth.

Due to a chaotic month of August, my spending was a bit higher than I would have liked and I’ll be digging into that in another post, but here let’s take a look at this month’s net worth update.

In August I reported a starting net worth of -$38,405 and a -$33,194 net worth in September, for an increase of $5,211 over the month. This is also a $15,034 increase since starting The Money Sloth blog in July!

Net Worth = Assets minus Liabilities



Change from Last Month




Retirement Accounts



Taxable Investments



Misc. (Gold/Silver/Cash/Collectibles)



Total Assets






Change from Last Month

Credit Cards



Student Loans



Total Liabilities




Net Worth = -$33,194

Change in Net Worth from last month: +$5,211

Total Change in Net Worth Since July 2020: +$15,034


During the month of August I saw an increase of $5,369 in assets, primarily from the growth of retirement account investments which are still heavily weighted toward gold and silver at the moment. The increase in liabilities of $158 is an increase in credit card balance at the time of this snapshot. I still pay my credit card bills in full, with the exception of two cards carrying 0% interest balances.