Review: Friends Subscription Box – April 2021

In addition to my love of sloths, I am a  superfan. During the doldrums of the 2020 pandemic, I stumbled across a quarterly subscription box of custom created Friends merchandise and knew I had to have it. These boxes are officially licensed and contain exclusive items only available through the subscription box. To increase the exclusivity, there is no option to order previous boxes or the merchandise inside them.

The April 2021 box was running significantly behind schedule and arrived today after a leisurely 10+ day journey across the country via FedEx SmartPost. I was honestly shocked that the box arrived in near-pristine condition after the nationwide tour it went on before arriving at my home. This is my third Friends box and is by far the best one I’ve received.

What’s Inside the Friends Box?

  • Central Perk Bomber Jacket
    • This is a nice quality lightweight coat ideal for wearing in the spring or fall.
  • Central Perk Couch Bookends
    • These bookends look amazing and are a great match to the infamous orange Central Perk couch.
  • Dry Erase Board (Etch-a-Sketch)
    • A very cool dry erase board fashioned after the Etch a Sketch hanging on Joey and Chandler’s apartment door.
  • Cutting Board (“They don’t know that we know that they know.“)
    • Small cutting board that is probably too small to do any real chopping on, but it would make a great charcuterie board!
  • Stemless Wine Glass
    • Decent, albeit cheap, wine glass with a bit of color near the base.
  • Sandwich Container (“You, you, you, ate my sandwich? My sandwich?“)
    • Good, sturdy, sandwich container.
  • Pivot Door Mat (“Pivot, pivot, PIVOT!“)
    • Thin material for a doormat, but the Ross Pivot scene is an absolute classic!

What a wonderful collection of Friends merchandise! My only (minor) gripe is with the sandwich container because they got the quote wrong from that scene. Ross’s quote during the sandwich scene is “You, you, you, you threw my sandwich away? My sandwich?” Despite this one slip-up, this is a great box of exclusive Friends merchandise.

I imagine I will get some good use out of the Central Perk couch bookends and the cutting board. After trying on the bomber jacket, I was excited to find out it’s a perfect fit! The dry erase board will be going on my door just like Joey and Chandler’s apartment and when we ever return to the office, I’ll be using my new sandwich container to keep the lunch thieves at bay!

Friends Box Final Thoughts

At a price of only $46.99 this is a wonderful deal for any  fan! I’ve taken a peek on eBay and see a few past boxes have appeared there from time to time if you need to catch up. If you’ve never seen Friends before or you want to revisit your favorite Friends memories, you can find all episodes streaming on HBO Max or you can purchase the box set of Friends and enjoy your favorite episodes offline and without a subscription! If you have a subscription to HBO Max, don’t forget to watch the Friends Reunion Special which is premiering on May 27th, 2021!